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Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers have some issues!

Posted by devildogtodd on July 9, 2008

Wow! Is Brett Favre giving the Packers management restless nights!

Wow! Is Brett Favre giving the Packers management restless nights!

The situation at hand with the Green Bay Packers and Brett Favre is going to go down as one of the most interesting, and possibly, the most bizarre situations in NFL history. It appears that Favre really wants to come back and the Packers really do NOT want him to come back! Think about that! Favre and the Packers came off one of their best years ever, he can still play, the fans (for the most part) want him back, and right now the Packers only other option is Aaron Rodgers.

So what is the problem? Well, it is really hard to say. The Packers believe that Rodgers can be a terrific QB and they are probably right. He has been on the bench for three years and in limited playing time has shown promise. But do the Packers honestly think that RIGHT NOW they are a better team with Rodgers than Favre?

Well it sure appears to be that way. The Packers are a team that is ready to win RIGHT NOW. It was no disgrace getting beat in the playoffs by a very good NY Giant team that went on to win the Super Bowl. So the Packers are ready….if they stay healthy and get good QB play.

It would seem they would be welcoming Favre back with open arms because he gives them the best chance to win NOW. But apparently they think Rodgers can do a better job now than Favre can. Interesting.

What must be really frustrating to the Packers front office is that they really don’t have much say. They have three options.

1. To welcome him back.

2. To trade him.

3. To release him.

They MUST let him come back. He is under contract. So let’s look at the three options.

Option number 1. They really don’t want him back. They must think Rodgers gives them a better chance to win now, or if not now then next year. They must also believe that allowing Favre to come back really screws up Aaron Rodger’s head. They could be right!

Option number 2. They can welcome him back and then trade him. That would seem to be the best option right now except the public relations nightmare that would follow! God, would that be a mess.

Option number 3. They can release him. Ok, if option number 2 was a nightmare then option number 3 is the nightmare from hell. Why? Because there are two teams in the Packers division that would almost assuredly jump on Favre and try to sign him. Minnesota, with good QB play, is ready to win now. The same can be said of the QB challenged Chicago Bears.

Can you imagine Favre getting released and then signing with either Minnesota or Chicago and coming back to Green Bay and beating the Aaron Rodgers led Packers? The Packers management would have to go into the witness protection program! I have a feeling Favre would LOVE that scenario.

So what will the Packers do? Well, they really only have two choices, the third option has to be out of the deal. They will welcome him back and bite their tongues and throw their temper tantrums behind closed doors. Or they will trade him. By trading him they have control (for the most part) of where he goes. Releasing him almost assures him of going to two of their main rivals in their own division! Not likely to happen.

So, as usual, Favre has done what he wants without much thought to his team or teammates. But that is for another discussion. Is anyone surprised he wants to come back? I don’t think even the Packers are surprised…they were just hoping he would walk away for good. Favre didn’t sound in March like a guy that really wanted to retire. When focused he can still play at a very high level.

He knows he will be QB’ing a really good team in Green Bay or a real good team of his choosing if they release him. The only bad thing for Favre would be if they traded him to a team that sucks, and then he probably would retire.

Oh, this is going to be so fun to watch! Love him or hate him, Brett Favre is never boring!


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Lakers get screwed by the officials in the NBA Finals

Posted by devildogtodd on June 9, 2008

Lakers not getting any calls, Celtics getting them all

It has become quite obvious the NBA has a serious problem with the officiating, not only in the 2008 finals, but also in general. Something needs to be done, and done soon.

As an example: Last night, with the Celtics playing extremely aggressive defense, the Lakers only go to the free throw line 10 times! Ten times! One player on the Celtics, Leon Powe, went to the line 13 times just by himself! The Celtics went to the line 38 times and made 27. The Lakers went to the line 10 times and made all 10.

It is a sad state of affairs when officiating blatantly changes games. In the first game of the series the Celtics had an advantage at the free throw line, but it was not totally out of whack like it was last night. It is beyond comprehension that a tough physical team like the Celtics could only foul the Lakers enough times to send the Lakers to the free throw line 10 times!

Are the officials crooked? No, I don’t think that for a second. But they are heavily influenced by the home crowd and this is part of the game that needs to be changed. Officials are not being taught properly to ignore the influence of the crowd. How else can you explain this?

When the series goes back to L.A. you will probably see the Lakers get the benefit of the doubt. But that does not make it right! When a team is constantly getting fouls called on them it affects how they play. Foul trouble leads to guys sitting on the bench sooner, and more frequently, than they should. It leads to teams not being able to sustain runs because the other team is going to the free throw line time after time.

Last night the Lakers obviously lost their composure in the fourth quarter for awhile. Who can blame them? If they barely touched a Celtic they were called for a foul. Yet Bryant, Gasol, Odom, and the rest of the Lakers couldn’t buy a foul.

The NBA has always had problems with officiating and bad calls, but this year it seems to have gotten worse. One of the reasons the 2nd round had so many teams winning at home was because of the foul issues. The home teams seemed to get EVERY call, while the road teams got almost nothing.

The Lakers have every right to be irritated and mad. This was a game that if called half way fairly would have probably given them the win. When a team is constantly not getting calls, and then having calls go against them, it takes away from their aggressiveness and confidence to do anything.

And please, do not say this is sour grapes. I have harped on this before, many times, throughout the years. The officiating in the NBA is deciding far too many games. And it needs to stop.

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The Big Brown “know it all know nothings” coming out!

Posted by devildogtodd on June 8, 2008

One of the many problems with horse racing is that even the average fan doesn’t really know much about the sport and how it works. They never trained horses. They have not rode horses as a jockey would. Most of them have never been close to a horse. So it is understandable that the average fan would say really dumb things.

But what the hell is the excuse for sports writers writing about Big Brown? Take, for example, Mark Beech from CNNSI. This guy has to be one of the dumbest writers around! He actually said that the reason Big Brown did not run well in the Belmont is that the horse was not ready to run a mile and a half! Hysterical!

Uhhhhh Mark. The horse was finished after 7/8ths of a mile. Conditioning had nothing to do with it. Big Brown missing four days of training was not a major deal. After all, he had just run two races in two weeks. Missing four days of training with a dead fit horse is not going to cause much problem.

Even with a short horse for the Belmont you would expect Big Brown to be plenty fit to go a mile and a quarter, especially against those horses. He was DONE at the 5/8ths pole. And Mark, just in case you don’t know where the 5/8ths pole is, that is the pole that shows you there are 5/8ths of a mile REMAINING. Which means Big Brown was done after 7/8ths of a mile. I sure think he was plenty fit to run that distance.

Maybe the horse simply didn’t want to run much, which is not likely. Maybe the horse’s foot bothered him more than anyone knew, a little more likely. Maybe the horse had an underlying illness that was not found, happens all the time. But more than likely this bad performance was breathing related. It is really hard to tell.

But to be a national writer like Mark Beech is and say something so stupid is just an example of the type of coverage horse racing gets. Just awful.

And finally, can we get Kenny Mayne off of these telecast? Let him do his little features, by my goodness, get him off of the rest of the telecast. He is truly clueless. To bring up the fact that Big Brown was a little frisky in the security barn, and that is why he might have run poorly is just an absolute ignorant statement.

Racing has a lot of problems, and one of the major problems is most of the yahoo’s covering it.

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Big Brown eased in the Belmont

Posted by devildogtodd on June 7, 2008

It looks as though Big Brown may have bled or have had some sort of breathing problem during the Belmont. As of now, just moments after the race, my best guess would be the horse bled, got his tongue over the bit, or displaced his palet.

The possibility of the quarter crack bothering the horse is there…but this sure looks like a breathing problem. The horse seemed to travel well but it looks like an air issue.

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Casino Drive out of the Belmont Stakes

Posted by devildogtodd on June 7, 2008

What became apparent yesterday is now official this morning, Casino Drive has been officially scratched from the Belmont Stakes. Anyone in the racing game that has much experience knew this would most likely be the outcome. A bruised foot is a serious issue, especially with a horse of this caliber. It would have been hard enough for Casino Drive to beat Big Brown completely healthy, but with a bruised foot, that was not allowing the horse to move well the day before the race, there was really no choice.

Hopefully Casino Drive gets many more chances to run in America and we all hope he and Big Brown are able to hook up later in the season. Is that asking too much from the connections of both horses? Let’s hope not. Let’s hope that the people in the racing game stop with their greedy, selfish, boring ass behavior and do what is best for the racing game.

If these two colts, plus Curlin, could meet later in the season that is just a major boost for racing. But when these greedy bastards retire these perfectly sound horses just so they can make more money, they are hurting the sport that has helped most of them become famous and experience excitement they have never experienced before.

Racing has so many problems and the retiring of horses at such an early age is one of the biggest. Racing needs stars just like any other sport. So you greedy owners…pay attention.

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Big Brown the next Triple Crown winner if…..

Posted by devildogtodd on June 7, 2008

The next Triple Crown winner

…he shows up and runs his race. You can never say anything in horse racing is a sure thing. There are so many things that can cause a horse to lose a race and most of them the average viewer never knows about. Let’s look at the ways Big Brown can be denied the Triple Crown.

1. He doesn’t run in the race. Could happen, not likely.

2. He loses the rider out of the gate. Not likely, but has happened before.

3. He breaks down.

4. He gets into a HUGE amount of trouble.

5. He loses a shoe, which could easily be enough to throw his stride completely off.

6. He bleeds during the race. Many horses have bled, even when they showed no signs before of bleeding.

7. Desormeux thinks the race is six furlongs and rides the worse race in the history of racing.

8. Big Brown gets struck by lightning.

Other than that, this colt wins the Triple Crown. Is he a great race horse? Absolutely. The only problem is that he is not running against other horses considered to be really good or great. But these are not donkeys either. He has destroyed every horse he has run against. None of his races have been close.

He has won races doing things other horses have rarely been able to do. He won from the far outside in the Florida Derby, something that had NEVER been done since the track had been re-configured.

He won the Kentucky Derby from the 20 post, something that had only been done once before! And he won the Derby EASY. Like breaking tiny sticks.

He destroyed the field in the Preakness. His race in the Preakness was probably his best race, although the numbers don’t show it. This is where numbers are misleading. Big Brown was asked to run for maybe 150 to 200 yards. His move when they turned for home was nothing short of amazing. Rarely, at that stage of a race, do you see a horse re-break with such sudden acceleration. He was being geared down the last sixteenth.

In each of his last three races it would not be hard to imagine him breaking the track record if he was actually asked to really extend himself.

So the pick is obvious, but who runs second? As of this time Casino Drive has not been declared out of the Belmont, so we will include him in our handicapping. We are going to throw him out. He seems like an immensely talented colt but does not seem to be coming into this race like you would like to see a top horse come into a race. His one work was so slow they really can’t even say it was a work.

Casino Drive also appears to have a bruised foot, which obviously could be a big problem. But even before that the colt seem very uncomfortable with the way he was traveling. He is not a real good mover. So we are going to throw him out here, hope he gets better, and hope he can meet Big Brown down the road.

We are going to go with Dennis of Cork to run second. He ran a very credible race in The Derby after having some serious traffic problems. He will get a clear shot at Big Brown here. He has trained well since the Preakness.

Macho Again was one of our exacta picks in the Preakness and came through with flying colors. We like him here again.

Icabad Crane is our choice to fill our the perfecta. He seems like he might be able to run all day long and we expect him to pass tiring horses.

But let’s get real here, if Big Brown shows up and runs any of the races he has run in his last three…he is the first Triple Crown winner in 30 years. Let’s hope he continues to run, but that is the subject of another article.

1. Big Brown

2. Denis of Cork

3. Macho Again

4. Icabad Crane

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Remember this is a test site, Big Brown and the Belmont to follow

Posted by devildogtodd on June 6, 2008

We want you all to remember that this is a test site for us to iron out any problems we might have with our ‘real site” that is going to launch by September. This site is designed for us to test many different things. We have purposely not posted for a couple of weeks because we are testing our marketing.

All results, however, are accurate and real.

We thank you for your patience, we have had a lot of positive response to just this test site (which has amazed us) and it shows that once we go full tilt we will be able to help a lot of people to start winning at the sports betting game.

We look forward to your continued support, you’ll be happy to visit this site on a regular basis.

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Results for 5/21/08….Four Game Chase System now 40-2!

Posted by devildogtodd on May 21, 2008

Yep! Out of 42 chances the Four Game Chase System has had this year it has won 40 times! The absolute BEST way to bet baseball is through chasing. You need to know the proper chases and how to bet them (that is what we do for you!), but once you do…it is almost like printing money!

We go 1-1 on the night. The Rockies are struggling against a real bad Giants team right now. You see that often in baseball where a bad team just gives another team trouble. Well, the Giants are giving us some troubles right now.

The nice thing about finding trends and betting with chase systems is that you don’t really need to worry much. Do you think we or any of our clients are worrying much about a loss or two!? Of course not! We are betting daily on a system that is 40-2 for the year!

We’ll be back tomorrow with a few more MLB games, most likely total games, because that is where the easiest money is.

Remember, you can have all picks for only $30 a month! And yes that includes picks with the Four Game Chase System that is now 40-2!

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Results for 5/20/08…Hornets let us down!

Posted by devildogtodd on May 21, 2008

Congratulations to the San Antonio Spurs for defeating the Hornets. That is not something we expected at all. New Orleans is going to think about this game long and hard. They got almost any shot they wanted against the Spurs….but couldn’t hit the ocean if they were standing next to it!

We lose 1.1 units for the day, but we hit on another Four Game Chase System bet to bring that chase system to an unreal 39-2 for the year! Yes, you read that right…39-2 for the year.

We will be back tomorrow with two more selections for the Four Game Chase System. Get on board and start winning today.

You can get all picks for only $30 a month!

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Four Game Chase System now 39-2! Two more today.

Posted by devildogtodd on May 21, 2008

Our Four Game Chase System is now 39-2 for year! We have two more going today so let’s get to it.

Colorado Rockies -1.5,+155 over San Francisco. Listed pitchers are Lincecum and Cook.

Houston Astros +111 over Chicago. Listed pitchers are Dempster and Sampson.

You can get all of our picks for only $30 a month!

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