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Football Betting

Football is a completely different beast than baseball and basketball when it comes to betting. Completely different. In baseball and basketball betting there is not as much of a concern when actually handicapping a game. In football betting handicapping a game is really important. With baseball and basketball betting trends and systems are much more important. But there are trends and systems in football.

Knowing the stats that really matter is the key to betting football

Knowing which stats and which trends are key in football betting is the secret to winning. In football you have one game a week. Coaches and players have all week to study game film and to come up with a game plan they think will help them win. It is not like that in other sports. So in football trends are not as important. But what is important is knowing what key stats make a difference. What match ups make a difference. One match up issue in football can mean the difference between a team winning and losing.

Let us find the key stats and match ups that make the difference!

For what we charge a month for all selections let us do the work for you! We have access to trends, stats, and match ups advantages that most do not have. No, we do not have secret sources in locker rooms. We are not relying on information from ball boys and trainers. All of that stuff is hogwash. What we do have is access to key stats that actually mean something to whether a team has a good chance to cover or not cover a spread.

For only $30 a month we give you all selections!

For only $30 a month we give you all selections in every sport. We give you our chase systems, our team totals, our totals, our sides. Everything that we have. So give us a chance to help you become a consistent winner. You’ll be happy you did.


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