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Baseball Betting

Baseball is by far the easiest of all sports to bet, although most do not know that. The prevailing thought with most sports bettor is that football is the best sport to bet and that is simply not true. With baseball betting you have literally hundreds of games a week to play.

Within that many games there are so many trends that take place and that is why baseball betting is so simple at times. We probably should not say “simple” because I do not want anyone thinking sports betting is a simple thing to do. It can be if you know the trends, angles, and chase systems that professionals use. But most do not know those things. They play a game because it is their favorite team. Or they play a game because a good pitcher is pitching that day! Betting baseball for those reasons is a bad idea! You will lose.

That is why using us for your baseball betting selections is so important!

We know the trends, angles, and systems to help you start winning now. Whether it is straight up plays, run line plays, or total plays we know the angles and systems that can help you be a consistent winner. We specialize in team totals, game totals, and chase systems. Why do we focus on these areas? Because they are the most profitable.

So if you wan to make some extra money betting sports, or if you want to make some decent investment income, or if you want to make a living betting sports…we can help you out!

Our monthly subscription rate is only $30 for all of our plays…every sport!

Yes, you read that right! Most quality sports betting services cost three to 10 times or more than that a month. Not with us! Why? Here is why. We have been betting sports for years, over 30 years to be precise. We have used so many services we cannot even count them anymore. And most are horrible. We play our own selections so we make money there…and we want you to make money. No…we are a charity organization that feels sorry for you. But we do want people to enjoy the feeling of actually winning on a regular basis. And if we can make extra money doing it, we will.

Let us do the work for you! Sit back and start winning!

We’ll do the research and work. You just have to get your selections and play them. But…we will also give you sound money management advice on how to play these games. Especially the chase systems. If you have any questions contact us today.


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