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Revenge System Play now 13-2 for the season!

Posted by devildogtodd on May 17, 2008

Pittsburgh got the job done for us against the Cubs to take the Revenge System Play to an outstanding 13-2 for the season!

However, we had to settle for a push with the Redsox team total over five play. The Redsox had so many chances to blow this game wide open but just couldn’t do it! Happens sometimes.

We might be back with a play or two more. Crunching the numbers right now.

Get all plays for only $30 a month.


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Our Dog Chase begins in MLB!

Posted by devildogtodd on April 26, 2008

Technically we are  not chasing until we lose a game but we will call it our Dog Chase right off the bat. Right now we are not going to explain how chasing works, because chasing can literally be done thousands of ways. Chases can be done on favorties, Run Lines, Dogs, totals, team totals and almost anything you can think of.

So here is how it works. We are going to take one dog every day and bet that team. Now, how we bet after a loss is the key to chasing and we will cover that later. Chase betting is one of the surest ways to make money in baseball betting. But there are some things you need to understand when you start chasing. It is FAR FAR different than “regular” betting.

So the first team we are going to start with is the Oakland A’s +135 against Seattle. As this goes along we are sure to have losses…this is ok. The great thing about chasing, and how this example is going to work, is that you can hit a very low percentage and still make all the money you would have originally made if you had WON ALL THE BETS!! The amount you wager has to be much smaller though. All of this will be explained in further post.

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2 MLB Selections for 4/26/08

Posted by devildogtodd on April 26, 2008

Looking to get back on track after going 2-2 yesterday. If our bad days are 2-2…we’ll be happy!

Detroit Tigers team total over 5. The Tigers bats are coming around and they face a pitcher today that will probably end up back in Triple A ball. We really like the over 5 here for the Tigers team total.

Boston team total over 4.5. The Red Sox had all sorts of chances last night to score a lot of runs, they just could not get the key hit. It is not often that you get a team total for the Red Sox of under 5 so when you do you take it!

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A quick review of the night. We go 2-2.

Posted by devildogtodd on April 26, 2008

Well, we go 2-2, but lose a little because of the juice. Frustrating loss with the Red Sox. They had all sorts of chances, just couldn’t get the hit when they needed it. Happens sometimes. The Angels win but do it in a low scoring affair costing us the team total over of 5.

But this is what makes baseball such a good sport to bet on…we don’t have to wait long for the next game between the same teams! Baseball lends itself to chase betting better than any sport there is because of that. Tomorrow we will begin an underdog chase so you can see how we do it and why it works so well.

The Mavs get’er done! The Mavs are back in this series! On a side note…the Pistons could be in some trouble! They looked slow and old again tonight. Maybe this Pistons team has run out of gas. Huge game for them next time out.

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One NBA selection so far for 4/25/08

Posted by devildogtodd on April 25, 2008

Dallas -6 over New Orleans. The main reason for taking Dallas here has nothing to do with stats and everything to do with a gut feeling. The Mavs just can’t lose three in a row to this team can they? Of course they can but if this team has any courage at all they will come out and play like their lives depend on it.

Avery Johnson’s job does depend on it! Look for Dallas to be focused, play hard, and take better care of the ball than they did in the first two games. Will the young Hornets relax? Our guess is that they will. Dallas is a quality team that seems to lack something in the playoffs, but not tonight. If they don’t win this game they lose the series, no way they come back from a 0-3 deficit. So take the Mavs and give the six…maybe seven. We are calling it at -6. Another half point or point is your decision. If you need to buy the point or hook.

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MLB Selections for 4/25/08

Posted by devildogtodd on April 25, 2008

You will soon see that we love betting overs. Rarely will we bet unders, and there is a good reason for this in all sports, but especially baseball and basketball. In baseball you can have extra innings, which just gives you more of a chance to go over the over. In basketball it is the same thing. Betting overs in baseball can be hugely profitable if you understand a few basic things, and we’ll go over some of these things in future post.

LAA OVER team total of 5 -110. There are a number of stats to support this over. First of all the Angels are a good hitting team that has a team average of .295, has hit 26 home runs, and is averaging 5.04 runs a game. Then factor in that Nate Robertson is the starting pitcher for the Tigers. He has really struggled so far this season. He has an ERA of 7.48, a WhIP of 1.56, and he has lost both decisions this season. On top of that the game is being played in a park that is fairly easy to score runs in. LAA to go over the team total of 5.

LAA -110 over Detroit. We are going with this game basically for the same reasons we are going with the LAA team total over 5. The Angels can really hit, Nate Robertson has really struggled, the Angels are just the better team right now, AND….Santana has been outstanding for the Angels. He is 3-0, has a 2.67 ERA, and a WHIP of .96. With the way the Angels have been playing and with this pitching match up the value is certainly there at -110. Even though we have tooted Santana’s horn and shown the negatives to Robertson we are still recommending an ACTION play on this game. NO listed pitchers needed, although we hope both of these guys go.

Boston -130 over Tampa Bay. The pitching match up goes to Wakefield tonight. The Red Sox have absolutely dominated the Rays over the years, which doesn’t mean it will happen this year but the numbers are so overwhelming in Boston’s favor they are hard to ignore. Garza has an ERA of 9.00, and has a WHIP of 2.12. Even with Boston having the flu bug…they can still hit. Wakefield is 19-7 in his last 26 starts against the Rays and Boston as a team are 10-3 in their last 13. Factor in that Boston has lost its last two and Tampa has won its last three and you have a situation RIPE for a Boston win.

Boston team total over 5. A good hitting team like Boston facing a struggling pitcher like Garza and Boston being the road team points to Boston going over 5. Why the comment on Boston being the road team? We will go over this in later post but it is always better for a team to have NINE chances to score runs instead of eight. And the road team ALWAYS has nine chances, but the home team does not. You would be amazed how many times this makes the difference between winning and losing a bet.

In nine of their last 10 games Boston has either hit five runs or gone over five runs! The one time they didn’t in the last 10 games they scored four runs. So basically you have a team that is scoring a lot of runs facing a pitcher that has really struggled. Almost seems too easy! Hmmm. Never too easy, but we are just putting the odds in our favor.

As we have mentioned in previous post we are just in our infancy with this site. In the not so distant future we will be talking a lot about winning baseball strategies and money management. Did you know you can hit only 25% of your picks and STILL MAKE PLENTY OF MONEY? We’ll show you how.

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NBA News for 4/25/08- Selections to come later.

Posted by devildogtodd on April 25, 2008

No selections at this time for the NBA, but there will be. It will be really interesting to see how Dallas responds tonight against New Orleans. So far in this series Dallas has shown no ability to stop CP3 (Chris Paul). On top of that the Hornets look so much faster and quicker.

Do the Mavs have the heart to fight back? Hard to say. This is a team that at times really shows grit and fight, but more times than not they simply seem to give up. Part of the problem is that they have as their best player a seven footer that really wants to play like a guard. We doubt the Mavs ever win a championship with Nowitski as the centerpiece of their team.

The other problem with the Mavs is Avery Johnson. Who actually has confidence this guy can out coach any other coach in the NBA? We certainly don’t. If the Mavs exit the playoff in the first round again…little Avery is gone and rightfully so.

The one issue with the Hornets is their youth. So far it has not stopped them from winning but it will be interesting to see how that goes tonight in what should be a very hostile environment. And as you saw last night with Toronto and Washington, being on the road in the NBA playoffs can be rough!

Apparently Utah and Houston have their home court sites mixed up! Huge win for Houston last night and to be honest, very surprising. Not so surprising they kept the score within the -9, but surprising they won the game outright. Now that is a team that showed some fight.

Phoenix and San Antonio to resume tonight in a must win game for Phoenix. Phoenix has to be sick about the first two games, especially the first one. It is a must win game for them tonight…they lose and this series is over. We have said it before and will say it again….NO team with Steve Nash as the point guard is going to win an NBA Championship. Strong words huh?

Here is the problem with the way Nash and the Suns play. First of all Nash cannot play defense. Second, with the way he wants to run an offense they MUST be wide open. They have no choice. His style of running around like a chicken with his head cut off works in the regular season when teams do not have as much time to game plan. But when the playoffs roll around teams seem to figure them out.

Because of this offensive style they are not good in the set offense at crunch time. Sure they are fun to watch, and Nash is a terrific player, but until Nash and this team figure out how to play defense and run a good offense at crunch time they are going to fall short of a championship and even a NBA Finals appearance.

Take a look at the Spurs. They are just a terrific team. They can play defense, they have a great set offense, and they run it well at crunch time. Why do you think they win so many close games? They just know how to win. However, the Spurs run into a buzz saw tonight.

Lakers at Denver. You can almost say the same thing about the Nuggets that you do the Suns. But there is one little exception….the Suns, believe it or not, actually play more defense than the Nuggets!! Both the Suns and Nuggets have excellent point guards but point guards that dominate the ball. Both teams also have good complimentary players around these point guards. And both the Suns and Nuggets have about the same type of coaches….coaches that apparently have no ability to teach their current roster how to play defense.

The Lakers are the better team, no question about that. Although not a great defensive team overall they can play terrific defense for short periods of time. And of course they can really score when needed. They have easily the best player in the NBA in Kobe Bryant, a very good center in Gasol, and a GREAT third go to in Lamar Odom. The Lakers also have the superior bench.

And of course they have one of the best coaches in the history of the NBA in Phil Jackson. Nine titles and 10 trips to the finals. Three-peat three times. What else needs to be said. The Lakers will win this series…but that doesn’t mean they automatically win tonight! Stay tuned.

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Please be patient! We are in our infancy.

Posted by devildogtodd on April 25, 2008

Eventually this blog will be called Sports-Betting-Today. Right now we are just in our very early stages. We have not even figured out how to configure this site properly, but we are learning. What we do know how to do is help you win at sports betting.

Can we guarantee you will win every single day, of course not! But we know that if you follow our wagers, follow the systems and information that is soon to follow on this site, and be patient…you will win.

Sports betting is not a get rich quick game…although you can quickly make large amounts of money. But you can only do that with safety if you have a large bankroll. If you do not have a large bankroll you cannot be betting large dollar amounts to start. You will lose.

In the coming days, weeks, and months we will be giving you advice on baseball, basketball, football, horseracing, and poker. Yes poker!

So please be patient. We are experts in the field of handicapping…not web site development. We have chosen to go the blog way because it represents the fastest way to get our message to the people we are trying to help.

You will not find a bunch of outlandish claims on this site and every pick, win or lose, will be open to the public to see and review.

Will we win every bet?  NO! Of course not. Will we win every day? Of course not. We might even have some weeks where we end up losing for the week, but that will not happen often.

In the coming weeks we will be giving you betting systems (mostly related to chase betting) that will almost guarantee you making money if you follow them. These methods and systems take time and patience to use and to win at…but you will win.

So subscribe to our RSS feed, it is simple to do, and when we post something new you will automatically receive it!

We look forward to helping you win. And let all your friends know about us. Our goal is to help the average bettor start winning today. No scams, no ridiculous claims, just winning….with patience.

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Another profitable day betting!

Posted by devildogtodd on April 25, 2008

If not for Orlando playing horrible in the first half we would have won all our wagers…but that is the way it goes sometimes. Is the Eastern Conference, besides Boston and Detroit, just awful or what?

So we go 3-1 on the day, for a 1.9 unit gain. In the last two days we are a very solid 5-2. We hope to build on that tomorrow.

We passed on the Houston/Utah game although we came close to betting a total in this game. We will not even tell you the total we were going to bet because it is after the fact, and you might not believe us anyway!

Come back tomorrow for more picks and more information on sports betting. We are just getting started.

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Late 4/24/08 MLB Selections

Posted by devildogtodd on April 24, 2008

Going with two more MLB selections for the day. Both plays are in the Yankees game against the White Sox.

Chicago White Sox over 4.5 runs. Hughes has been awful for the Yankees, just pitiful. He is 0-3, has a WHIP of 2.14, and an ERA of 8.82. YIKES! The only thing that concerns us about this game is the fact that the Chicago team total is not more…makes us wonder just a bit…but not enough to shy away from this game!

Chicago White Sox -110 over the Yankees. The Yankees have won the first two games of this series but we don’t expect them to win the third. Hughes has been awful. Gavin Floyd has been excellent. At this moneyline, with the Yankees already winning the series, the horrible (so far) Hughes pitching, and the excellent Floyd (so far) pitching for the White Sox we will go with Chicago.

A word of caution. Both teams are presently -110 at for the game. We think good value can still be had at -115 to -120 for the White Sox, but no more.

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