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Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers have some issues!

Posted by devildogtodd on July 9, 2008

Wow! Is Brett Favre giving the Packers management restless nights!

Wow! Is Brett Favre giving the Packers management restless nights!

The situation at hand with the Green Bay Packers and Brett Favre is going to go down as one of the most interesting, and possibly, the most bizarre situations in NFL history. It appears that Favre really wants to come back and the Packers really do NOT want him to come back! Think about that! Favre and the Packers came off one of their best years ever, he can still play, the fans (for the most part) want him back, and right now the Packers only other option is Aaron Rodgers.

So what is the problem? Well, it is really hard to say. The Packers believe that Rodgers can be a terrific QB and they are probably right. He has been on the bench for three years and in limited playing time has shown promise. But do the Packers honestly think that RIGHT NOW they are a better team with Rodgers than Favre?

Well it sure appears to be that way. The Packers are a team that is ready to win RIGHT NOW. It was no disgrace getting beat in the playoffs by a very good NY Giant team that went on to win the Super Bowl. So the Packers are ready….if they stay healthy and get good QB play.

It would seem they would be welcoming Favre back with open arms because he gives them the best chance to win NOW. But apparently they think Rodgers can do a better job now than Favre can. Interesting.

What must be really frustrating to the Packers front office is that they really don’t have much say. They have three options.

1. To welcome him back.

2. To trade him.

3. To release him.

They MUST let him come back. He is under contract. So let’s look at the three options.

Option number 1. They really don’t want him back. They must think Rodgers gives them a better chance to win now, or if not now then next year. They must also believe that allowing Favre to come back really screws up Aaron Rodger’s head. They could be right!

Option number 2. They can welcome him back and then trade him. That would seem to be the best option right now except the public relations nightmare that would follow! God, would that be a mess.

Option number 3. They can release him. Ok, if option number 2 was a nightmare then option number 3 is the nightmare from hell. Why? Because there are two teams in the Packers division that would almost assuredly jump on Favre and try to sign him. Minnesota, with good QB play, is ready to win now. The same can be said of the QB challenged Chicago Bears.

Can you imagine Favre getting released and then signing with either Minnesota or Chicago and coming back to Green Bay and beating the Aaron Rodgers led Packers? The Packers management would have to go into the witness protection program! I have a feeling Favre would LOVE that scenario.

So what will the Packers do? Well, they really only have two choices, the third option has to be out of the deal. They will welcome him back and bite their tongues and throw their temper tantrums behind closed doors. Or they will trade him. By trading him they have control (for the most part) of where he goes. Releasing him almost assures him of going to two of their main rivals in their own division! Not likely to happen.

So, as usual, Favre has done what he wants without much thought to his team or teammates. But that is for another discussion. Is anyone surprised he wants to come back? I don’t think even the Packers are surprised…they were just hoping he would walk away for good. Favre didn’t sound in March like a guy that really wanted to retire. When focused he can still play at a very high level.

He knows he will be QB’ing a really good team in Green Bay or a real good team of his choosing if they release him. The only bad thing for Favre would be if they traded him to a team that sucks, and then he probably would retire.

Oh, this is going to be so fun to watch! Love him or hate him, Brett Favre is never boring!


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