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Please be patient! We are in our infancy.

Posted by devildogtodd on April 25, 2008

Eventually this blog will be called Sports-Betting-Today. Right now we are just in our very early stages. We have not even figured out how to configure this site properly, but we are learning. What we do know how to do is help you win at sports betting.

Can we guarantee you will win every single day, of course not! But we know that if you follow our wagers, follow the systems and information that is soon to follow on this site, and be patient…you will win.

Sports betting is not a get rich quick game…although you can quickly make large amounts of money. But you can only do that with safety if you have a large bankroll. If you do not have a large bankroll you cannot be betting large dollar amounts to start. You will lose.

In the coming days, weeks, and months we will be giving you advice on baseball, basketball, football, horseracing, and poker. Yes poker!

So please be patient. We are experts in the field of handicapping…not web site development. We have chosen to go the blog way because it represents the fastest way to get our message to the people we are trying to help.

You will not find a bunch of outlandish claims on this site and every pick, win or lose, will be open to the public to see and review.

Will we win every bet?  NO! Of course not. Will we win every day? Of course not. We might even have some weeks where we end up losing for the week, but that will not happen often.

In the coming weeks we will be giving you betting systems (mostly related to chase betting) that will almost guarantee you making money if you follow them. These methods and systems take time and patience to use and to win at…but you will win.

So subscribe to our RSS feed, it is simple to do, and when we post something new you will automatically receive it!

We look forward to helping you win. And let all your friends know about us. Our goal is to help the average bettor start winning today. No scams, no ridiculous claims, just winning….with patience.


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