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The Big Brown “know it all know nothings” coming out!

Posted by devildogtodd on June 8, 2008

One of the many problems with horse racing is that even the average fan doesn’t really know much about the sport and how it works. They never trained horses. They have not rode horses as a jockey would. Most of them have never been close to a horse. So it is understandable that the average fan would say really dumb things.

But what the hell is the excuse for sports writers writing about Big Brown? Take, for example, Mark Beech from CNNSI. This guy has to be one of the dumbest writers around! He actually said that the reason Big Brown did not run well in the Belmont is that the horse was not ready to run a mile and a half! Hysterical!

Uhhhhh Mark. The horse was finished after 7/8ths of a mile. Conditioning had nothing to do with it. Big Brown missing four days of training was not a major deal. After all, he had just run two races in two weeks. Missing four days of training with a dead fit horse is not going to cause much problem.

Even with a short horse for the Belmont you would expect Big Brown to be plenty fit to go a mile and a quarter, especially against those horses. He was DONE at the 5/8ths pole. And Mark, just in case you don’t know where the 5/8ths pole is, that is the pole that shows you there are 5/8ths of a mile REMAINING. Which means Big Brown was done after 7/8ths of a mile. I sure think he was plenty fit to run that distance.

Maybe the horse simply didn’t want to run much, which is not likely. Maybe the horse’s foot bothered him more than anyone knew, a little more likely. Maybe the horse had an underlying illness that was not found, happens all the time. But more than likely this bad performance was breathing related. It is really hard to tell.

But to be a national writer like Mark Beech is and say something so stupid is just an example of the type of coverage horse racing gets. Just awful.

And finally, can we get Kenny Mayne off of these telecast? Let him do his little features, by my goodness, get him off of the rest of the telecast. He is truly clueless. To bring up the fact that Big Brown was a little frisky in the security barn, and that is why he might have run poorly is just an absolute ignorant statement.

Racing has a lot of problems, and one of the major problems is most of the yahoo’s covering it.


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