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Results for 5/21/08….Four Game Chase System now 40-2!

Posted by devildogtodd on May 21, 2008

Yep! Out of 42 chances the Four Game Chase System has had this year it has won 40 times! The absolute BEST way to bet baseball is through chasing. You need to know the proper chases and how to bet them (that is what we do for you!), but once you do…it is almost like printing money!

We go 1-1 on the night. The Rockies are struggling against a real bad Giants team right now. You see that often in baseball where a bad team just gives another team trouble. Well, the Giants are giving us some troubles right now.

The nice thing about finding trends and betting with chase systems is that you don’t really need to worry much. Do you think we or any of our clients are worrying much about a loss or two!? Of course not! We are betting daily on a system that is 40-2 for the year!

We’ll be back tomorrow with a few more MLB games, most likely total games, because that is where the easiest money is.

Remember, you can have all picks for only $30 a month! And yes that includes picks with the Four Game Chase System that is now 40-2!


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