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Lakers get screwed by the officials in the NBA Finals

Posted by devildogtodd on June 9, 2008

Lakers not getting any calls, Celtics getting them all

It has become quite obvious the NBA has a serious problem with the officiating, not only in the 2008 finals, but also in general. Something needs to be done, and done soon.

As an example: Last night, with the Celtics playing extremely aggressive defense, the Lakers only go to the free throw line 10 times! Ten times! One player on the Celtics, Leon Powe, went to the line 13 times just by himself! The Celtics went to the line 38 times and made 27. The Lakers went to the line 10 times and made all 10.

It is a sad state of affairs when officiating blatantly changes games. In the first game of the series the Celtics had an advantage at the free throw line, but it was not totally out of whack like it was last night. It is beyond comprehension that a tough physical team like the Celtics could only foul the Lakers enough times to send the Lakers to the free throw line 10 times!

Are the officials crooked? No, I don’t think that for a second. But they are heavily influenced by the home crowd and this is part of the game that needs to be changed. Officials are not being taught properly to ignore the influence of the crowd. How else can you explain this?

When the series goes back to L.A. you will probably see the Lakers get the benefit of the doubt. But that does not make it right! When a team is constantly getting fouls called on them it affects how they play. Foul trouble leads to guys sitting on the bench sooner, and more frequently, than they should. It leads to teams not being able to sustain runs because the other team is going to the free throw line time after time.

Last night the Lakers obviously lost their composure in the fourth quarter for awhile. Who can blame them? If they barely touched a Celtic they were called for a foul. Yet Bryant, Gasol, Odom, and the rest of the Lakers couldn’t buy a foul.

The NBA has always had problems with officiating and bad calls, but this year it seems to have gotten worse. One of the reasons the 2nd round had so many teams winning at home was because of the foul issues. The home teams seemed to get EVERY call, while the road teams got almost nothing.

The Lakers have every right to be irritated and mad. This was a game that if called half way fairly would have probably given them the win. When a team is constantly not getting calls, and then having calls go against them, it takes away from their aggressiveness and confidence to do anything.

And please, do not say this is sour grapes. I have harped on this before, many times, throughout the years. The officiating in the NBA is deciding far too many games. And it needs to stop.


2 Responses to “Lakers get screwed by the officials in the NBA Finals”

  1. Joe said

    Yes, the officials are bad! Look at the Jazz vs Lakers series. The Lakers shot 40+ more free throws then the Jazz in the first two games alone! Th NBA needs better officals! – accept credit card payments

  2. GCC said

    There is more than one crooked ref the nba has to deal with. This was the most blantant of all poorly refereed games I’ve seen. I guess more Kobe hating.

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