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Casino Drive out of the Belmont Stakes

Posted by devildogtodd on June 7, 2008

What became apparent yesterday is now official this morning, Casino Drive has been officially scratched from the Belmont Stakes. Anyone in the racing game that has much experience knew this would most likely be the outcome. A bruised foot is a serious issue, especially with a horse of this caliber. It would have been hard enough for Casino Drive to beat Big Brown completely healthy, but with a bruised foot, that was not allowing the horse to move well the day before the race, there was really no choice.

Hopefully Casino Drive gets many more chances to run in America and we all hope he and Big Brown are able to hook up later in the season. Is that asking too much from the connections of both horses? Let’s hope not. Let’s hope that the people in the racing game stop with their greedy, selfish, boring ass behavior and do what is best for the racing game.

If these two colts, plus Curlin, could meet later in the season that is just a major boost for racing. But when these greedy bastards retire these perfectly sound horses just so they can make more money, they are hurting the sport that has helped most of them become famous and experience excitement they have never experienced before.

Racing has so many problems and the retiring of horses at such an early age is one of the biggest. Racing needs stars just like any other sport. So you greedy owners…pay attention.


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