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MLB Selections for 5/14/2008…including 34-2 chase system!

Posted by devildogtodd on May 14, 2008

With two wins last night our Four Game chase system is now an incredible 34-2! Yep, 34-2. We have two new chases starting tonight on that system and one game going to game four. Games going to game four are pretty unusual and win at about a 97% clip.

New Four Game chases:

Yankees +122 vs. Tampa Bay. Listed pitchers are Mussina and Shields. You MUST bet listed pitchers.

St. Louis +1.5 -140 vs. Pittsburgh. Listed pitchers are Maholm and Wellemeyer.

Continuing Four Game Chase Bet:

L.A. Dodgers -103 vs. Milwaukee. Listed pitchers are Lowe and Parra.

The Revenge system play goes to game two today.

Detroit -130 vs. Kansas City. No listed pitchers here needed.

Get all of our selections for only $30 a month and start winning today!


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