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NBA Playoff selection, New Orleans to get it done versus the Spurs

Posted by devildogtodd on May 20, 2008

It is very difficult to go against a wiley and taleneted team like the San Antonio Spurs in the playoffs but we are going to to do it. The Spurs run comes to an end tonight. At some point you need more than experience and the Spurs simply do not have the athletic ability to beat the Hornets on the road.

So far at home in this series the Hornets have destroyed the Spurs in every game. They have beaten them by 22, 18, and 19 points in the three games in New Orleans. Well, we don’t need them to win by that much, we need them to win by five. Just give us a five point win!

The problem with the Spurs has been the second half, they look slower and far less athletic in the second half of the games in New Orleans. We expect that to continue and would not be surprised to see the Hornets with a double digit victory.

New Orleans -4 over the Spurs.

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