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Big Brown detractors already coming out….pathetic!

Posted by devildogtodd on May 18, 2008

It didn’t take long for some of the big mouths in racing to start bashing Big Brown…one of them being Andy “doesn’t know that much about real racing’ Beyer. To say this colt is not something special because he has beaten a mediocre group of horses is ridiculous.

He has DESTROYED every field he has run against. Every single of them of them. His times have been fast, although not brilliantly fast. He hasn’t had to run brilliantly fast to win. He did something no horse has done in the Florida Derby….he won from the far outside post in a cake walk.

He did something in the Derby only one horse had ever did…win from the the 20 post and he did it in a cake walk.

He barely broke a sweat in winning the Preakness. You might have a point questioning his greatness if he was BARELY winning these races….but he is winning without much effort and doing things other horses have not done before.

You simply cannot tell me that this colt could not have EASILY run five lengths faster today if he was pushed at all. He wasn’t touched with the whip and was geared down the last 1/8 of  a mile.

Big Brown is one of the best horses to EVER step foot on a track…all horsemen who have been around the game can see the greatness. Guys like Andy Beyer just think numbers. They don’t understand how impressive his comeback race in February was. They don’t understand that not one time has this horse really had to lower his belly….because these horses simply can’t keep up. They might not be great horses he is running against, but they are a decent group of three year olds. He is just making them look silly with his brilliance.

So let the naysayers come out…if Big Brown wins the Belmont Stakes…he deservedly should be considered great. When you do something only 11 others have done you should be considered great. When you do something no horse has done in 30 years you should be considered great. When you win the Triple Crown being undefeated you should be considered great.

Let’s see if he can do it. If he does hopefully numbers geeks like Andy Beyer will give this colt his due. Until now Big Brown has passed every test with flying colors and done it with style.


3 Responses to “Big Brown detractors already coming out….pathetic!”

  1. Kickstand Brand said

    Beyers is a Moron! Big Brown would have better times if Pushed, but why risk tens of Millions in stud fees for one unnecessary mis-step!

  2. Hi there -somehow your poignant comment got put in my spam filter – just wanted to let you know I fished it out and it actually inspired my most recent post:

    I’ve been in both camps. On the one hand, I think we need a Triple Crown winner, on the other, and as the self-proclaimed “world’s biggest Curlin fan” – I do get a big jealous at how easy he’s had it compared to other contenders.

    Long story short- I’ve decided that Big Brown has no control over who he faces – all he can do is go out and run brilliant races – which he’s done whenever he’s had to answer the bell and I fully expect him to do 3 weeks from now as well. I’ve decided to marvel in his greatness.

    Bring home the Triple Crown, Big Brown. I’ll be there to cheer my guts out for you in person.

    By the way – always glad to see someone else here on wordpress that’s into horse racing – we’re a small niche for sure! 🙂

  3. outwait said

    Outwait says : I absolutely agree with this !

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