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Big Brown carrying a lot of weight on his shoulders in the Preakness

Posted by devildogtodd on May 17, 2008

If you are a horse racing fan this is a big big day for you! Big Brown has a chance to give our wonderful sport a huge shot in the arm…a shot it could really use after what has transpired in the last few years with Barbaro and Eight Belles. Racing needs stars…and this colt looks like the real deal.

Let’s face it, Big Brown is not running against a stellar field today. He beat a very good group in the Derby, but only one horse from the Derby, Gayego, is challenging him in the Preakness. That is not surprising! Big Brown won easily from the 20 hole while looking like he was out for a morning jog. Eight Belles, was 4 3/4 lengths back but it was over eight lengths back to the third horse.

Unfortunately we all know that Eight Belles will not be running again. If she were in this race she would be the OBVIOUS second choice. So the fact is that against colts and geldings Big Brown won by over eight lengths while barely breaking a sweat.

The only thing that gets him beat is a bad trip or an injury.

When Big Brown wins today he will set us on a path three weeks from now that all of us racing fans want to see this sport go on. A Triple Crown chance, especially with a super talented undefeated colt would be great for racing. Our sport needs this.

What would the other sports be like if Elway, Marino, Montana, Jordan, Kobe, Tiger Woods, and every other star retired just as they became good? Well, that is what happens in horse racing. The lone exception recently has been Curlin. If Big Brown continues to do his thing and Curlin continues to run….can you imagine the build up to their first and hopefully subsequent meetings! Now that is what racing needs!

First of all let’s hope we have a safe race today for horses and riders. Then, unless you have a serious interest in other connections, let’s hope Big Brown delivers and sends the racing world (and the outside world to a much smaller extent) on a fun ride for the next three weeks.

Big Brown has a good chance to really give our sport some positive light…not much riding on his powerful shoulders is there!


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