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Big Brown blows out a 1/4 mile for todays Preakness

Posted by devildogtodd on May 17, 2008

This is not something done on a regular basis but you will see it. What it tells me is that this colt is sound, you do not breeze a horse the morning of the race if it is not 100% sound, and that Dutrow  has complete confidence this horse has not bounced. You do not breeze a horse the morning of a race if you are worried about him being tired. All signs look like Big Brown is ready to romp.

Having looked at the early betting odds there is some good value there if you really think Big Brown is going to get beat! But honestly, you don’t think that is going to happen do you!?

We still really like Macho Again to get part of this and would not be surprised to see Tres Barrochos hit the board.

Good luck to you all today and let’s all root for a safe race.


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