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Results for 5/13/2008…Chase system now 34-2!

Posted by devildogtodd on May 14, 2008

We had a very mixed night.  One note here…most of the bets we make are part of chase systems…although any bet can be part of a chase system. What we do with these results is give you the lowdown on the unit won or loss…even though most of our bets are not over till the designated chase is over.

Last night we won the chase on the Reds and the Diamond Backs to send the Four Game chase system to an incredible 34-2! So even though the Dodgers game was a loss last night it is part of a Four Game chase system so technically it is not a loss yet. Got it? LOL. You will.

So we “lost” a total of two units last night. But again, not really. What we are going to do is write an extensive article on chase betting  and how it works. There are literally 1000’s of ways to chase and most of them are pretty good. However, within chase betting there are some systems that win almost all of the time. What you are getting from us is those systems.

From here on out we are going to separate our chase system plays from NORMAL plays. An example of a NORMAL play last night was Detroit -3 for the 1st half. Or The Redsox over team total of 4.5. Those were NORMAL plays.

But for the sake of being open and honest we lost two units last night…although not really!!

You can have all of our selections for an entire month for just $30!


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