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Results for May 12 th, 2008- Up another TWO units!

Posted by devildogtodd on May 13, 2008

Well we had another good day. We lost one unit on the first Atlanta game but we chased that 1.33 unit loss onto game two and won that game. So we won one total unit on that chase. We then bet the Reds -1.5 +125 and they won but did not cover the -1.5 Run LIne, so we lost one unit on that game.

We won with the Washington Nationals team total over 3.5 (they went way over!) and we won with the Nationals +1.5 -140 (they won the game outright). So with those two wins we finish the night up an excellent two units! And those are REAL unit wagers, not this B.S. three unit plays and four unit plays just so we can say we won more money than we really did. Around here we are honest.

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