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How in the heck are the Celtics so bad on the road?

Posted by devildogtodd on May 12, 2008

The Boston Celtics ought to be ashamed of themselves for such poor performances on the road. This is a team that won the most games in the NBA this year and looked like a cinch, or close to it, to go to the NBA finals from the Eastern Conference. But with the way they play on the road it is unlikely they will get there unless they turn things around soon.

What is so puzzling about this team is that they were a very good road team during the regular season. But since the start of the playoffs they have been awful. They lost three games on the road to the Atlanta Hawks, a team that won only 37 games all year!

They dominate the Cavs at home but go on the road and look like a team totally uninterested in winning or even competing. It is not just the fact they get beat, they get beat by bad teams and blown out at the same time.

There has to be a lot of concern in Celtic land about this team winning it all. Teams like Detroit, San Antonio, New Orleans, Utah, and especially the Lakers could easily win a game or two in Boston. And with the way Boston plays on the road it is hard seeing them winning against any of those teams.

It is apparent that there is a real lack of leadership on this team. Ray Allen has never been known as a leader. Paul Pierce is not know as much of a leader. And Kevin Garnett just talks a lot. The coaching staff seems unable to motivate these guys on the road.

The Celtics are lucky to have played a bad Atlanta team and a mediocre Cleveland team. About the only thing the Celtics have done right is make LeBron James look like the overrated player he is. So for all of you that had the Celtics winning the East, you better hope they become much more focused on the road…otherwise what looked like a dream season is going down the drain.


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