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Chasing the Braves onto game two against Pittsburgh

Posted by devildogtodd on May 12, 2008

Well, we go to game two of this double header to make our money. As posted before this is the game we really like and this is why: If the Braves lose game two they will have been swept by the Pirates. If the Braves lose game two they will have been swept in the double header. If the Braves lose game two they will have lost a game where the starting opposing pitcher had lost 12 out of his last 14 starts!!

Those are tough trends to ignore! Although we don’t like chasing from a favorite money line onto another larger favorite money line we will do it here.

Braves -170 over the Pittsburgh Pirates.

We have not discussed in detail how chasing works. But let’s say you bet one unit (which is how YOU SHOULD DO IT) on the first game. Well because of the loss you lost 1.33 units. Now you are going to take the 1.33 unit loss PLUS the one unit you want to win and bet that, 2.33 units on the -170 money line. This is a basic example of how chasing works. There is much more to it than that. So when we say a chase bet is going it is NOT just the one game we are concerned with….it is the CHASE. So if we win the second game our record for this chase is not 1-1. It is 1-0, because we started this chase with the idea of it going two games. The two games is the bet, not each individual game. Got it?!


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