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What in the world are the Dolphins thinking!?

Posted by devildogtodd on April 24, 2008

The Miami Dolphins signed Jake Long, OT from Michigan, to a five year contract worth $57 million. Are they serious? This is a guy that is going to have a hard time being a good right tackle, let alone a quality left tackle.

Why would you give a guy like that so much money when he looks like he could easily be the next Tony Mandarich or Robert Gallery? It seems this selection was based primarily on the ability to sign him. But does it make sense to sign a guy just because he is easier to sign than a player that is better and you need?

Of course not! The first selection of the Bill Parcells era does not look good right now, but of course it will take a few years to really know for sure.

We think the Dolphins made a big mistake.


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