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Lakers to go up 2-0, but will they cover the spread?

Posted by devildogtodd on April 24, 2008

The Lakers look to take control of their opening round playoff series against the Denver Nuggets tonight in Los Angeles. The question is not whether the Lakers will win the game, they should, but whether the Lakers will cover the spread which is presently -8 to -8.5.

Yes they will!

The Lakers are just too deep and have too much scoring for the Nuggets to handle. It looks like the only way the Lakers do not cover this spread is if they have a poor shooting night. That is likely not going to happen with the fact that Kobe Bryant had a poor shooting game last time and the Lakers still covered!

The biggest problem with the Nuggets is their refusal to play defense. Look for the Lakers to get a lot of easy baskets and eventually wear the Nuggets down. Do not be surprised if the Nuggets stay close for the first half, but in the end the Lakers win by at least 10.


One Response to “Lakers to go up 2-0, but will they cover the spread?”

  1. devildogtodd said

    So far everything going as planned.

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